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Be Your Own Guru – Intuition + Energy Healing 8 Week Course

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Learn how to give intuitive readings + energy healing at home.

An 8 Week Course with Weekly Live Q&Aenrolment ended Monday 3rd October!

Learn how to give the gift of insight + healing to yourself, friends and family!

This online course with weekly live support is an introduction to ethical psychic reading + energy healing.

Specifically designed for highly sensitive empaths who want a safe + supportive learning environment.

You'll be encouraged to find your own voice + uncover your unique gifts.

Taught by an intuitive + energy healer with over 20 years professional experience!

And I had a conventional career before becoming a full time 'witch'.

So I enjoy helping empaths dip into new spiritual waters + grow their wings!

My clients include many marvellous everyday people, as well as:
• Medical doctors

• PHDs

• Cambridge graduates

• TV presenters

• Film + TV directors

• Creatives + Carers

• Lawyers, accountants, financial managers, business people + many more.

Help Your Intuitive + Healing Abilities Unfold

When I was 15, a friend gave me a book on palmistry. I was fascinated + began studying the meaning of the lines all over my hands.

At first, I used readings to understand myself. Readings gave me my first taste of self awareness. Previously, I had less-than-zero understanding of my personal qualities or options. 

Learning to do readings for myself helped create a fledgling sense self esteem and identity. I was able to create a realistic picture of myself – as well as my future potential.

When I began reading for other people at parties, people loved hearing about themselves! To my delight, information flowed + appeared to be very accurate!

Over the years, I have found that reading for yourself is an incredible personal development tool.

This and energy healing are abilities that EVERYONE has access to.

Reading for other people can be an ethical minefield though.

That's why it's so important to know how to keep yourself and others safe in the spiritual world.

If you’re a highly sensitive empath with a genuine desire to help yourself + others, learning how to give readings + energy healing is empowering.

This autumn, I'm helping a small group of newbies to develop your intuitive + healing gifts. 

It will be an ideal container to build confidence + strong intuitive foundations.

Your course questions will be answered by a professional intuitive + healer.

Am I Qualified to Teach You?

Developing my intuitive + energy healing abilities has been a process of trial and error.

Since I began over 30 years ago, it has taken much time, courage and practice.

I soaked up information from books + took courses whenever I could.

I did many, many live readings + healing sessions with people.

Gradually, I developed to a point where I could give ‘mind-blowing readings’.

My experience reading + healing for myself and others includes:

18 months at Covent Garden market, London

Numerous events (including corporate, private + festivals)

121 work in private practice since 2009.

1000s of face-to-face 'in person' paid readings (– 1800+ readings by 2014!)

Remote readings via Zoom / Skype since 2016

Distant readings (recorded without client contact) for worldwide clients since 2011

Psychic Tools: Tarot, psychometry, tea leaf reading, I Ching, palmistry, channeling, clairvoyance, psychic sensing, etc.

Energy Healing: Reiki healing, Theta Healing, hands-on healing + distant healing.

• I've served 1000s of clients worldwide.

See My Credentials for my qualifications.

The Course includes:

Intuitive + Energy Healing Essentials that keep you + others safe in the spiritual world

• Exactly how to do readings + healings for yourself at home

• How to get good at readings for friends and/or family. The exact process to do readings + energy healing for friends + family

Tarot in 48 Hours – Comprehensive Video Course in Bite-sized chunks.
Get to grips with the Rider Waite tarot deck + start reading!

• Lowdown on 6 psychic tools for unlocking your intuitive powers, the pros + cons of each.

• You’ll explore the types of psychic senses you possess, and how to pick the best one for you – or combine them.

• You'll learn about the Energy System of the Body + Chakras. You'll understand how to look after your own energy + things you must check for when readings or healing.

• Sources of psychic information: the difference between angels, guides, ancestors, higher self + Source. 

The course will simplify all the different sources of psychic information, so you can choose what to connect with + how to do it safely.

Essential practices – things you must do to become a clear channel for higher guidance + healing energy.

How The Course Works

You will get online access to each module, one week in advance.

6 x 45 minute Module Topics delivered in easy-to-digest:

• short videos

• PDF downloads

• audios

• worksheets.

Learning is a combination of

• watching videos

• taking notes

• doing the exercises

• a daily practice +

• feedback on each unit at the live session.

You will get a weekly live group session with me to answer questions on the previous unit.

Weeks 7 and 8 will be your live practice weeks for feedback on your readings + healing.

You will get lifetime access to all online modules after the live round has finished.

You'll be able to attend any future annual live rounds!

If you can't attend live, you can submit course questions by email + listen to the replay.

Complete the course + participate in live sessions to get an exciting bonus!

Who, What, When?

Group size limited to 8 students

Enrollment closes Monday 3rd October

45 minutes of watching / listening per weekly online module

Q&A participation on Mondays (live with replay)

5 minutes for a daily practice

Homework optional (completion + participation bonus given)

• To see results you’ll need to practice doing readings + energy healing!

Weekly Live Support

 Q&A at 6pm UK time on Mondays:

Access to Modules 1 + 2 on 10th October

Module 1 + 2 Live Q&A on 17th October

Module 1 + 2 Live Q&A on 24th October

Module 3 Live Q&A on 31st October – Halloween!

Module 4 Live Q&A on 7th November

Module 5 Live Q&A on 14th November

Practice Feedback Live Q&A on 21st November

Practice Feedback + Module 6 Live Q&A on 5th December

Feedback opportunity + exciting bonus for completing + participating students!

What You'll Need To Succeed

• Computer or laptop access.

• Internet connection.

• Earpods / headphones.

• A note book / folder + pen

• A deck of Rider Waite Tarot cards

• Basic tech know-how (i.e. to switch on computer + connect.)

• A PDF reader to complete optional homework.

Who is the Healing Eye Course for?

This course is for you if:

You are a highly sensitive empath

You are opening up spiritually, intuitively or energy-wise


You are spiritually curious + open

You have a genuine desire to learn

You have a sincere wish to help yourself – and maybe others

You want a safe, grounded and stable learning environment

You want your privacy + confidentiality to be respected

You want to create firm ethical foundations for future intuitive development


You're against religious ideology, cults + conspiracy rabbit holes

You take responsibility for your own learning + well being

You are familiar with me + my work

Who is this Course not for?

This course is not for you if:

You are a skeptic or spiritually closed.

You're knowledge is already intermediate or advanced.

You expect a secret sauce hack to unlock intergalactic spiritual powers.

You're in crisis, instability or trauma, or you have a personality disorder.

Additionally, as dual relationships can impact the therapy progress, my therapy clients cannot be live students.

Become Your Own Guru!

Join this Autumn's live course + gain access to all of the following:

• 8 Weeks Live Support

• Small Class Size

• Meditation Techniques

How to Do Readings

• Develop Your Spiritual Toolkit

• Help Yourself, Friends + Family

• Develop Confidence

• Feedback on Readings + Healing

• Lifetime Course Access

• Completion Bonus

• Aura + Space Clearing

How to do Energy Healing

• Know Your Psychic Senses

• Keep Yourself + Others Safe

• Safe Learning Environment

• Personalised Support

• Course Questions Answered

• Taught by Advanced Pro

• Learn to Use Tarot

• Develop Your Intuition

• Access Higher Wisdom

• 6 x Guided Meditations

• Find Your Unique Voice

• Attend Future Live Rounds

Student Testimonials

“Amy is incredibly supportive + always held the highest regard of what’s possible for me... 

Through her online course The Healing Eye, I’ve learnt so much and developed confidence in my ability to connect with + respond to my inner guidance. 

I am beginning to lovingly heal the parts of myself that keep me limited.

I am grateful for the solid foundation of healing and intuitive knowledge that Amy has taught me.

I continue to grow from it and use it to anchor + guide me on a daily basis.”

Claudine Guida, Carer, London,
121 HE student, September 2021

I absolutely loved [the Healing Eye course]...

I learnt so much… Every module was so interesting + exciting. I enjoyed all the meditations + exercises.

Amy was great at explaining + always answered any questions fully, with really helpful and comprehensive feedback and encouragement.

I received brilliant feedback on my practice readings + healing sessions... with each one I gained more confidence.

My expectations were exceeded – I didn't think I would develop as a healer + intuitive so quickly!"

Nadia Newton, Coach, Guernsey, 
121 HE student, March 2022

Cost: £99 for lifetime access to the course + future live sessions.

(* Usual price £297)

Got questions or want to join the waitlist? Drop me a line!

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