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Therapist • Healer • Intuitive • Teacher – I help highly sensitive empaths grow, heal + progress.

Holistic Grower magazine – health, wealth + healing for highly sensitive empaths. 

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Tailored support for highly sensitive empaths. Next 121 intake: January.

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Be Your Own Guru – Intuition + Energy Healing Course with Live Weekly Q&A.

8 Week Live Course for highly sensitive empaths. Enrolment ended 3rd October!


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January 2023 live course to be announced soon!

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"I have emerged a different, more empowered person, with a new found strength and resilience. I feel confident that I now have a new internal toolkit that I can turn to when the s*** hits the fan. I will no longer be held back by shame or the illusion that I am somehow not good enough. Now, I am in my own corner. My own champion. You could ask for no better guide, cheerleader or confidante than Amy."

Praise for Therapy

Client in Cumbria, UK, Jan 22

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"The reading was above + beyond anything I have ever experienced in my life. [You] explain everything in so much detail. I cannot thank you enough. You have given me so much perspective + above all else hope... I am so impressed, and truly touched + feeling grateful that I asked for a reading. I will book again for sure + definitely referring closest of friends."

Quarterly magazine empowering highly sensitive empaths.

Create security and freedom through health + wealth creation.

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